5 Basics Steps: How to Start Growing on YouTube

Although there’s not a doubt about YouTube being a very competitive arena, there’s still a massive opportunity available to everyone to break through and make it on YouTube, whether you're just starting your channel, or even if you’ve been on YouTube for years.

Even though there are numerous steps and actions you can doin order to grow and expose your channel, there are some basic steps and tips that always work, and you definitely should master these if you're planning to become a more successful YouTuber.

Be unique - If you want to succeed, you have to think about how you can be different than everybody else and create new and unique content.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and find a subject that no one else has ever talked about, because when it comes to YouTube, it’s virtually impossible. However, you should think about how you could talk about a subject from a new and fresh perspective.

Pablo Picasso was famous for saying: "Good artists copy, great artists steal." And Steve Jobs even quoted him saying that and added: "You know, at Apple, we've been shameless about looking for the best ideas, best strategies, best tips, best things that people are doing and pulling those into what we're doing." -  And they sure did create something different!

Use Keywords Wisely - Keywords are essential when it comes to YouTube success. Keywords are the map leading people to your channel and videos and by not using them properly, you might miss out on chances to get your video and channel out there. Learn how to use them well and try to use long tail keywords. They are specific for your video and can go a long way.

Use a short title for your videos and insert keywords in it, and also insert tags and keywords in your metadata and into your descriptions. Aside from appearing on relevant searches, it will help YouTube categorize your videos in a more efficient way.

Study Your Audience - First, you should get acquainted with YouTube's analytics and learn what each index means. This will teach you a lot about your targeted audience, where they come from and what interests them. Study your audience retention graphs, that’s the index that shows you how your viewers act when watching your videos. You can learn what engages them, learn exactly when people stop watching your video and what keeps them watching, when they are skipping ahead or when they going back and re-watching - These are the moments that count and you can learn a lot from them and work on improving. Think of how you can optimize your content and how you can take it to another level and preserve your subscribers.

Commit to Hard Work - There are a lot of people on YouTube who work hard and create great content, and if you ask them, they’ll tell you it pays off. That is why you have to be willing to work as hard. Be patient during this process: it takes time to get exposed, gain YouTube fame, or even achieve monetization, but it will be worth it. You should start by finding your niche and becoming an expert; this will be your first step in becoming an authority and a source of information. Post new content weekly and invest the time needed in creating high-quality, interesting and relevant videos.

Buying Subscribers - It's no longer a secret: people buy views and subscribers because it is incredibly hard to make it on YouTube and to become a famous YouTuber. The endless flow of new videos combined with YouTube's strict standards make it fairly hard to stand out among millions of videos, and more and more YouTubers are using YouTube's algorithm to their advantage.

A good promotional service will provide real users as subscribers and viewers that actually watch your videos. This will increase your CTR and watch time, two of YouTube's most important search list rating factors. The longer your video is watched, and the more people watch it, the better your ranking will be on YouTube's search list. However, don't be mistaken: buying these services will not make you famous, it is merely there to give you a boost and an initial exposure. The rest is up to you.

So, there you have it - 5 great tips that will help you grow your YouTube channel and achieve YouTube success! This is not an easy path to travel, but if your dream is to become an authority in your niche, a YouTube influencer and even go viral, you should start by mastering these basics.

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