How to Get More Video Views on YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the largest social networks today. The increasing numbers of users on these platforms create endless opportunities for business and social aspects. YouTube has attracted billions of users across the world and according to recent studies, 300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day in an average month. So, here are some tips on how to get more YouTube views, if you want to take advantage of this huge platform and succeed in it like a real pro.

Encourage existing viewers to view more of your content

The mathematics mantra applies here, YouTube users not only watching one video but watch at least 2 or 3 videos. In this case, your viewer watches your video, so all you have to do is encourage him to watch one more.

This is a sure way to get instant views in your other videos. At the end of all the videos, offer the viewer to watch more of content that might interest him (try to suggest as relevant content as possible). It is almost a definite method to ensure you will get more YouTube views from your existing user base. Be sure to provide a correct link at the bottom of the screen or zoom in at the middle of the screen after the video. Also, you can use a call to action and invite viewers to subscribe, like, and share your content. It is the most basic technique that you should have already implemented by now. Again, include a link to make things easier for the viewer and lead him watching your next cool video.

Implement YouTube SEO techniques

The titles on your videos matter a lot when it comes to the number of views. Take your time to conduct a proper research on your niche, viewers and keywords you are targeting. Find out what they like to watch in your area of specialization. Identify keywords and creatively include them in all of your video titles and description. Most users on YouTube forget it is a social media platform and visibility largely depends on search engine optimization. Proper choice of keywords guarantees you a top appearance on YouTube search engines; this automatically translates to more YouTube views. In fact, videos on search engines are conspicuous, and if you play your SEO cards well, you will get more YouTube video views without any extra hassle.

Customize thumbnail images

Social media platforms are overwhelming with the number of posts at every instance. Viewers on YouTube, for instance, do not have time to go through every detail of a video to choose on the one to watch. Scanning skills are at its best when it comes to YouTube. Ideally, you only have 5 seconds to win a viewer attention and make him clicking your video, so you better make these few seconds count! Do not use generic thumbnails provided by YouTube system, you must be creative and use eye catching techniques. Find images that relate to your content and attractive to your target audience, and you will get more views on YouTube. You must know your audience. It is mandatory to become an authority channel in your realm.

Engage viewers

YouTube is a social media platform, and you should treat it as such. Do not only post videos and remain silent expecting people to view and like it. You have to publicize your channel, get social! Respond to compliments, comments (even negative feedback) and requests on your posted videos and appreciate people for viewing, even if they may not comment back and like your replies. By engaging and interacting with your viewers, you are establishing a relationship and a rapport, which is the essence of social media anyway. The next thing you will see is people subscribing to your channel, because they feel more comfortable doing so. The results? Of course, more YouTube views on your videos.

Optimize your channel with contact information

Be sure your channel is integrated with other social media profiles. Let the viewers know who you are; I mean, its social media. Let viewers find you on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and connect with them. Be a real person, with real life. Integrating your YouTube channel with other social media profiles is a sure strategy of attracting more viewers. Other social media platforms offer you a chance to market the videos and channel by sharing links. Be sure to include the YouTube link on your profiles bios. Let people know what you do. You will realize results.

Create playlists

This is more of a trick than a technique. But, it is still a tip on how to get more YouTube views on your videos. If you are specializing in a niche, you are missing a lot if you haven’t created playlists sorted by a sub-type subjects. By the time a user on the platform goes to your channel or video, they must be interested in something specific, which happens to be your niche. A playlist of videos in that field will guide the user to watch your next videos and will increase your channel general watch time.

Buy YouTube views

If you want to get YouTube video views without waiting too long, then buying youtube views is the way you should go with. One of the reasons you want to have more views is because you want to succeed by being popular on YouTube. When you are buying organic views, real people watch your videos, and they can become part of your audience. More than that, views can drastically increase your social proof and make you look much more legitimate in their eyes. Buying views will take you to a high watch time average, so, you will not only improve your social proof but also increase your ranking on the YouTube search page in a short period. If you’ve decided to buy YouTube views then you need it will surely help you achieve your YouTube marketing goals effectively and quickly!

Thanks for reading all my tips mentioned above. I have no doubt that if you follow those simple rules, eventually it will help you gain more views on your YouTube videos!

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