Is it Safe to buy YouTube Subscribers, Views or Likes?

It's totally safe to buy YouTube subscribers, views or likes. Many people assumed that this action is illegal and risky, but it's absolutely not true. YouTube TOS has no objection to buying YouTube services. The main reason people are buying these services is to promote as much as possible their YouTube channel and videos. Buying subscribers, YouTube views, likes and comments have pros and cons, so you must know the two sides before you choose to buy. Today, there is high competition for relevance on YouTube. There are at least 300 hours of video content uploaded every minute. This means the congestion minimizes your chance to get the relevance you need. This post will guide you on how to find the right website to buy youtube subscribers and views from, that can provide you with the right promotion services towards success and the pros and cons of buying such YouTube services.

First, is it safe to buy YouTube views, likes, subscribers or comments?

It is 100% legal and stand in line with YouTube strict rules, so from now on you should not hesitate doing it. You don't have any reason to feel insecure since it's completely safe. Feel free to read the rules of YouTube and be even more confident. Everyone uses it - from the most successful youtuber's in the world, and up to actors, successful artists, gamers who tell about the game he or she plays and so on. Long story short – everyone is doing it.

The Advantages

Buy YouTube subscribers, likes, comments or views affects your social proof in an extremely drastic way. You want to be known on the YouTube platform. To get to be recognized in YouTube platform, you must make your social proof. How you make it? You have to develop an audience. You need to have a high watch time and get high ranking. How you do all of that? Simply you are buying YouTube services. People tend to be attracted to videos with a high count of views. The more activity on your video in terms of views or likes and subscriptions the more lucrative to watch. The assumption that a video with more views should be more interesting or authentic drives YouTube users to the video. The purchased YouTube service act as a base for more activity that you desire. Except for social proof, if you choose to buy for example YouTube views. Your video can be ranked higher on YouTube's search page. A high search page ranking means exposure to a new targeted audience. When you buy real views (a quality source chooses the people that are right for your niche), you’re watching time will increase. High watching time is one of the criteria for ranking your YouTube video. Another advantage is that buying YouTube services shortens the road to success. If you want to succeed in a natural way - you will have to work very hard to get all the subscribers and views - because no matter how quality your video is if you do not look popular people will not get into your video. So, buying YouTube services is a great way to achieve your goal a little faster - a boost to success!

The Disadvantages

In the YouTube services industry, many unreliable companies sell fishy services / bots. Many people fall into the trap and waste their money for nothing. When purchasing services of fake users, 99% of the time when the order is delivered - the number of the service your order will decrease and then return to the same amount it was initially. Be careful of fraudulent providers as you don't want to be their next victim. Make your own due diligence and research before choosing from where to buy.

How you choose the right provider?

Prepare a few questions that are important to you. Some important questions you should consider asking -

  1. - Are the services provided by real people? Now that you know how important it is, then the answer you want to get is positive. If the source provides you with a positive response (means they provide their services from real people) you can request a demo of the service. Do not be shy.
  2. - When I order, how long the order arrives? The answer depends on the number of views/subs/comments or anything else you order. Expect that the answer will be that you receive the order gradually and relatively quickly. You do not want to make YouTube algorithm suspect, so don't expect to accept the whole order so quickly.
  3. - Do their prices fit my budget? Find a site that matches your budget. If you have found excellent reviews about a particular source you want, try asking for a small discount.
  4. - This is not a question, but it is very important, try to find recommendations from other people who used the same provider. That's the best way to know if you should buy from this specific source or not.

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