How To: Rank Videos On YouTube’s First Page

In today’s world, every YouTuber wants to rank first on YouTube’s search results page, since the potential is just unbelievable. The total number of people who use YouTube is 1,300,000,000. Every minute, 300 hours of video are being uploaded to the platform and almost 5 billion videos are being watched on YouTube every single day! So, how do you get ranked highly? It might not be simple, but it sure is possible!

Use Keywords!

Currently, YouTube is the second largest search engine, in which people tend to look for answers to questions they have or search for things they're interested in. Find your own niche – think of an interest you have and start to type some questions, phrases, sentences or words that you would have probably searched for yourself. When typing your sentences, pay attention to YouTube’s suggestions: they will direct you to what most people are looking for! Now that you know what most people are searching for, select the sentence or words that are best for your next video and make sure you use it in your YouTube video title, tags, and your video description.

Create Long Videos

This may sound a little weird, but videos that are a bit longer tend to be ranked higher on the YouTube search page. One of the most influential things about video ranking on YouTube is “video watch time”. The longer your video is, the longer “watch time” you’ll have. YouTube chooses videos that will interest viewers to rank highly because they emphasize and value user experience on this platform. So, if your total watch time is high, your ranking will rise; and if your video is relatively long and people watch it from start to finish, that also indicates the quality of your video.

A high-quality video (according to the criteria mentioned) will be ranked high on YouTube’s search engine. For example, let’s pretend we uploaded two videos to YouTube; one video is 15 minutes long, and the other is 4 minutes long. Let’s say that both videos have the same amount of views – 2,000. The watch time for both videos is half of the video, meaning people tend to watch video number one for about 7.5 minutes and watch the second video for about 2 minutes. The total watch time for video number 1 is 10,000 minutes and the total watch time for video number 2 is 4,000 minutes - which means video number one will rank higher only because it is longer!

Promote Yourself

Find opportunities to link to your videos. Whenever you write content, engage in a forum or on social media, seize the opportunity and “throw in” your link. ‘Throw’ does not mean do it carelessly: fix the YouTube links as naturally as possible, just as you do for keywords. YouTube videos SEO is dependent on backlinks. While you are promoting the video in other ways including physical prompts to friends and colleagues, try and link to your video as much as you possibly can. The more links your video has, the higher your chances of appearing on YouTube first page are.

Buy YouTube Views and Subscribers to Boost Yourself

When you are buying YouTube services, you speed up your way to rank high on YouTube’s search page. One of the best ways to do this is by buying YouTube views from a reliable source that provides real views. This works because real people will watch your videos for a long time and your watch time will increase in a short period of time; and if the provider is good, he will let people that are interested in your niche watch your videos. Additionally, you will have a bigger audience to your channel and YouTube will recognize you as an interesting channel with high-quality content.

In addition, there are lots of tips and tricks for you to do in order to improve your channel’s performances: choose a good quality image in your video’s thumbnail to spike interest in your video and attract potential viewers. Also, in the first few seconds of the video, tell your viewers about what you're going to talk about and engage them. You can also create a playlist of videos relating to the same topic and suggest your viewers go and watch the playlist, or you can add links to other videos in the description box of the video they're watching – the possibilities are endless!

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