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Why Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

People on Instagram share a dream: to be known, liked and followed. Trying to answer the $1,000,000 question of how to gain Instagram followers can be frustrating, hard and sometimes virtually impossible in the sea of countless photos, videos, stories and competitors. On average, there are about 1 billion active users on Instagram and almost 4.2 billion ‘Likes’ are given to posts every day, and recent statistical analyses also found people are uploading around 95 million posts and 400 million stories regularly, on a daily basis! The power of Instagram is enormous, no doubt about it, and the ever-growing competition keeps getting stronger and even more daunting. One way to get your account popular and widely noticed is by taking out your credit card and buying followers. This short, effortless action can help you get more followers organically, solidify your presence on the platform, get your posts viewed and liked by new people, and even end up becoming an influencer in your niche. If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should buy followers, you’ve reached the right place! Although there are some unchallenged benefits to buying followers, when done wrong it can cause some terrible outcomes. In the following article, we will examine both the advantages and the disadvantages of buying the number one Instagram promotional service - followers.


  • It's perfectly legal and legitimate - Purchasing Instagram followers is 100% legal and is compatible with Instagram’s strict terms and policies; hence it does not go against the company’s TOS in any form or shape. Instagram suspends accounts and posts that conduct illegal activity such as content plagiarism, copyrights issues, spamming, etc. Therefore, if you decided to purchase Instagram followers, you can keep calm and confident, knowing that your account is fully safe and secure. Nonetheless, please pay close attention to the next statement - You must make sure that the provider that sold you followers provided real users and not fake accounts or bots that can potentially harm your account (and your own) reputation badly.
  • Increase your account's ranking - Buying real Instagram followers will improve your Instagram posts’ SEO and, as a result, they will appear higher on Instagram’s Explore feature. How is that possible? Recent studies reveal that if you buy Instagram followers, you positively affect your account and posts’ ranking for your niche keywords because Instagram’s algorithm tends to reward posts and accounts with a high quantity of followers and likes. This means that each time users search something that’s relevant to your account or content, the chances they’ll see your content first become drastically higher. This way, your account gets much more exposure, attention, and organic flow of new followers.
  • Get Instagram followers organically – When you buy followers, both Instagram’s algorithm, as well as other Instagram users, perceive your account as much more engaging and accessible. It helps you with getting higher rankings - your content receives more comments and likes; thus it earns a better appearance on Instagram's Explore feature and looks popular - a sure way to increasingly get real Instagram followers for your account!
  • Develop your Social Proof - The psychological principle of social proof claims that the more people follow your content, the more likely other people will find it relatable, reliable and worth following, which means more and more people will do the same thing - follow your account. A large follower count means to most of Instagram’s users that you offer interesting, compelling and engaging content and it is worth following, liking and commenting on, which can signal to other users that your account is 'authorised' and professional. Instagram users feel more inclined to view, like and follow an account that already has a proven social proof authority (or in another word - stamp), which can increase the number of people following and interacting with your account and content and ensuring a constant natural flow of new followers. From a psychological perspective, no one wants to be the first "follower" of anyone, no matter how good it seems. So, if you already have an audience, growing your existing count will be an easier task, convincing other people to start following and liking your valuable content.
  • Become An Influencer - Becoming an influencer in your niche is almost every Instagrammer’s desire. Your account becomes the place to go to for answers, guides and other relevant information. When people detect an account with tons of followers, comments and likes, the general mindset tells them one thing - This account is an authority with professional, relatable and reliable content! By choosing to buy real Instagram followers, you will boost your account’s credibility and thereby its’ general appearance, while all you'll have to do is deliver high-quality content for your followers. If you just launched a new Instagram account and didn’t have a lot of comments, likes, and followers, the very thing that can give you that initial boost you need is to purchase Instagram followers.
  • Compete with the best - Every day Instagram receives 95 million new posts and 400 million new stories. If you want to get your content noticed and viewed by potential fans or customers (of course you do!), you should invest not only in interesting content but in making sure your account will get maximum exposure. The competition is endless and if you want to reach the top of your niche, land more deals or increase your brand sales, buying followers is one hell of a way to do that (as long as you get real Instagram followers.)
Buy Instagram Followers


Buy Instagram Followers

Buying Followers Costs Money!

Obviously, pricing differs from one provider to another, so you have to decide on a budget you feel comfortable investing. Nevertheless, keep in mind that even if you chose not to buy followers eventually, any alternative advertising method would cost you money, one way or another. Don't be fooled by cheap Instagram followers pricing rates, since providing real, genuine users to follow and like your posts has its’ costs. On the same note, do not get tricked into buying relatively pricey services, since these could quickly turn out to be a fraud.

Beware of Scammers!

If you've finally decided to buy Instagram followers, we strongly suggest you conduct serious market research and check out all the different sites, providers and what they have to offer. If you choose a provider you like, make sure you read online reviews and testimonials to learn as much information as you need to be sure that you buy real Instagram followers only. Unfortunately, there are many frauds out there since this industry is unregulated, and there is a high chance of paying for Instagram followers and not getting the service you have paid for at all (or getting a very low-quality service that won't help you get promoted).

Follower Drops Happen

When you buy followers from questionable and unreliable suppliers, you may lose those followers just as fast as you got them. Please keep in mind that providers who sell real followers will always tell you that some followers might unfollow, but when you get fake bots and fake accounts, eventually, you could end up without the followers you've just purchased because they seemed to have "magically" disappeared and in reality, they merely got deleted.

Your Account Might Get Suspended or Shut Down

When buying any promotional services from scammers, you do not only risk your money - you also risk your losing your account and damaging your reputation. As mentioned before, when you get fake users as a promotional service, you risk losing them immediately after you’ve purchased them. That looks bad: Bad in Instagram's eyes on one hand and your existing follower’s eyes on the other. In other words, when buying bots and fake followers, you risk losing your loyal audience along with those you bought and getting your account reported, suspended or banned altogether by Instagram. And, as a result, you're destroying your reputation on Instagram.


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