Why You Should Buy YouTube Views?

If you've ever wanted to buy real YouTube views but couldn’t find any reliable information about the process, you're definitely in the right place! A lot of people assume that buying views is not legal, that their YouTube account will get banned, and that it is useless and other false speculations. Our goal is to make sure you will learn everything there is to know about this topic - common facts and beliefs, pros and cons, and advantages and disadvantages. In this following article, we will explain all the benefits and drawbacks of buying real YouTube views.


  • A boost towards success - Approximately 300 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every minute. And every video is competition. So, it can be pretty hard to get things going without any initial boost or help, whether you're a long time YouTuber, and whether you're just starting out. In order to grow your channel and expose your videos to a targeted audience, you need to stand out and get your videos noticed. By buying views, you can get that start kick you need to get your videos noticed among the endless sea of content and competition. This little boost can make all the difference by revealing your videos to new targeted viewers and make the YouTube algorithm love you more than your competitors. Begin sharing your video with an advantage!
  • 100% Safe and legitimate - Many people assume that buying YouTube services of any kind, no matter if subscribers or views, is illegal. The reality is precisely the opposite as these assumptions are based on biased news and opinions. According to YouTube's TOS (Terms Of Service), buying promotional services of all kinds is a legitimate thing to do as long as the services you purchase are generated by real users, promoted on legitimate media channels and sources, and most importantly aren't fake bots. So, if you purchase YouTube subscribers from a reliable source that provides real users - you'll be totally safe.
  • Increase video ranking on YouTube's search results - The ranking algorithm is affected by tons of different parameters and elements. The algorithm processes and aggregates all data to display the most accurate and relevant search results for each search query. Based on recent research and case studies, the most critical parameters that YouTube takes into consideration while choosing which videos to display first, are the number of views per video and that video's watch time. So, be precise, what really matters is not only the number of views on your videos but rather the video retention time or in other words your video's watch time metric. But why? Videos with a high watch time rate appear to be more engaging, exciting and compelling to YouTube’s algorithm which will reward you with a higher rank on the search page results. If you’re still not convinced that a high rankings video ranking is such a big advantage, we would love to share with you this barely known fact – is world’s 2nd largest search engine, after Google of course. Additionally, Google tends to display on its very first-page results videos from YouTube. When you buy real YouTube views from a decent provider, you increase these two elements and thus improve your video ranking drastically.
  • Get more views on Youtube organically - By increasing your ranking on YouTube's search engine, your videos' thumbnails are being seen by many more targeted people and get recommended on other people's personal feed. This exposure to a broader, newly targeted audience will result in getting many more views organically.
  • Increase social proof- Social proof is a simple psychological effect by which people are more inclined to choose or do something that the crowd does. It signals to individuals what is the right thing to do: 'Since millions of people watched it, I should watch it as well.' It was already proven many times that people would prefer to watch and click on a video with a bigger views count than a video with a lesser view count (even if the content is highly similar). A higher number of views means that the content you offer is interesting, relevant and worth watching. By buying real YouTube views, your social proof skyrockets, which convinces viewers to watch your video content.
  • Become a niche authority- Buying real views is a great way to attract new YouTubers to your videos and eventually create organic engagement on your channel and content. By attracting more viewers, making them interact with your content and share your videos, you establish your YouTube channel as an authority, and this will help you eventually get YouTube views organically, this is every YouTuber's dream! Once you become an authority in your field, your subscribers will take your content seriously, as they'll think of you as an authorised source that knows best and is worth listening to.
  • Breaking Geographical Boundaries- It is well known that YouTube broke many geographical boundaries. For example, Psy's Gangnam Style gained more than 1 billion views in record time, despite being geographically located in Korea, relatively far from the Western world. When you purchase YouTube views, you reach new audiences that probably wouldn't have known you existed.
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Things to Consider Before Buying Youtube Views from Unreliable Providers

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Waste of money

The YouTube service industry is growing day by day, and so is the amount of fishy companies that offer low-quality services. Many people fall into this trap because they prefer to settle down for cheaper YouTube views from unknown service providers rather than invest a more considerable sum of money as a long-term investment. Don't be tempted to pay less and buy YouTube views cheap - spend a little more to make it pay off. Always remember that quality matters more than quantity.

Views drop

When you are buying fake views, there is a good chance you will suffer from a view drop. All your purchased views will be lost, and you will be back to square one in no time. YouTube's algorithm detects this kind of suspicious activity, quickly leading to your account being flagged and you losing your credibility.

Your audience will not grow

By losing views, credibility, and getting your account marked by YouTube, it will become increasingly harder to gain new viewers and popularity. This is a significant setback that can potentially be very harmful to the long-term well-being of your videos and channel. It is essential to watch out, as there are a lot of scammers out there that will sell your fake accounts and automated bots which can ultimately cause your videos to be flagged.

Zero watch time

As we mentioned above, higher retention of a video is one of the most important ranking factors by YouTube's algorithm, since it indicates that your video is just awesome, relevant and people love watching it. As a result, buying views from fishy sources might end in zero watch time. Not only won’t it help you in ranking your video higher, but it is also going to make your video look suspicious in YouTube’s eyes which will severely hurt your video ranking efforts.


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