How To Buy Real Instagram Likes Effectively - 2021 Guide

Written by: GetFans Team
On Nov 22, 2020

The colossal social media outlet was launched on October 6, 2010, and was bought by Facebook for $1 billion about two years later, on April 9, 2012. Since opening up advertising in 2015, there are over 1 million advertisers on the platform (90 of the world’s top 100 brands have an Instagram account!), along with an average of 800 million active monthly users and an average of 500 million active daily users.

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The colossal social media outlet was launched on October 6, 2010, and was bought by Facebook for $1 billion about two years later, on April 9, 2012. Since opening up advertising in 2015, there are over 1 million advertisers on the platform (90 of the world’s top 100 brands have an Instagram account!), along with an average of 800 million active monthly users and an average of 500 million active daily users.  

Recent statistics reveal that 90% of the platform’s users are under the age of 35, and 80% of the platform’s users live outside the US. Of all Instagram accounts, around 30% of them are considered “inactive” – meaning they post once per month, or not at all. 

A single user on Instagram can follow up to 7500 other users and view their content on mobile devices and on desktop computers. In fact, 22% of the users login at least once a day, 38% check their Instagram more than once a day, and on average, people spend a total of 53 minutes on the platform every day.

Instagram users upload an average of 95 million monthly posts (videos and photos), and an average of 400 million stories. There are over 282 million selfies posted on the platform so far and the most popular filters used are Clarendon, Gingham and Juno/Lark. It’s no wonder one of the most commonly asked questions is “How to get more likes on Instagram?”

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How does Instagram’s algorithm work?

Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t care how much money you have in the bank, who your parents are or how famous you are when signing up, nor does it care what color your skin is, what your nationality is or your age. On Instagram, it’s all about engagement and interaction. The algorithm operates through machine learning, meaning it studies users’ past behavior (engagement and interaction) with content presented on the platform to create a unique and personalized “feed” for each individual user.

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There are three key factors that the algorithm considers when determining what you, as a user, will see in your feed: 

  1. Interest: the algorithm continually attempts to predict what your reaction to specific content will be and ranks posts that you’ll specifically care about higher, thus placing it higher on your feed. 
  2. Timeliness: the algorithm will choose the most recent posts and will display them first on your feed. 
  3. Interaction: the algorithm also checks your relationship with the person sharing specific content and will rank people you’ve previously interacted with on the app much higher. Interaction on Instagram means liking posts, commenting on posts and sharing posts with other users on the platform. 

Other than these key factors, three other elements affect content’s rankings:
- Frequency: the algorithm will address how often you use the platform and will constantly refresh your feed to present new content on each login.
- Following: if you follow a lot of accounts on the platform, the algorithm will pick and choose the accounts with which you interact and engage with the most and will present them on your feed first. 
- Usage: Another thing the algorithm knows is the amount of time you spend on Instagram– meaning if you’re logging in for some short sessions or for more prolonged periods - and it will consider that time frame when deciding with posts show up first on your feed.  

Get Instagram likes by making Instagram's algorithm love you

First and foremost, you need to find out what interests your followers and invest more time creating and posting content that caters to your followers’ interests. You can do that relatively easily by using analysis tools to look into your posts and see which posts generated the most engagement and interaction and which posts didn’t. If using analysis tools sounds like too much of a hassle, you can always ask your followers directly for feedback and input on your content. Instagram’s “stories” feature has a “Questions” sticker that you can use and get immediate responses from the people watching your stories. 

Another thing you have to look at (and often improve) is how often you post new content. We already know that newer posts get precedence in users’ feeds, and we know each user has their own favorite time during the day to go on Instagram. Try to find out when most of your followers login and try to post as close to that time as you possibly can – that way your content will be the newest the algorithm recognizes and will choose your post over older posts.

To do this you can manually write down when your followers are logging in and engaging with your content, or you can use analysis tools. After you observe your followers’ behavior, you can use scheduling apps that will allow you to set an upload for a specific time. You should also post new content as often as possible. 

Finally, your followers have to interact with your content. The more your followers comment on your content (whether it’s a “story” or a regular post) and the more you tag them in your content, the better the chances that they’ll see your content at the top of their feed become. To encourage more engagement on your content, try asking your followers a question in your caption and have them answer you in the comments, that way you can start a conversation with each commenter. You can also use “call to actions”, such as “double tap if you think this is funny” or “tag a friend who will agree”. Another thing to keep in mind when posting is using emojis.  Another great way to increase engagement is by reposting your followers’ content and giving them credit for it (after asking for their permission to do so, of course). This method has two significant benefits: first, you don’t have to create new content; and second, it shows your followers you value them and that you enjoy their content. Last, but not least, is using hashtags: 

What are hashtags and why they are important?

Basically, an Instagram hashtag is at least one word that follows the “#” sign. Hashtags can be used in the “caption” of the post or in the comments, and they help Instagram organize and catalogue uploaded content; thus they can present the appropriate content each user is interested in. 

Another purpose hashtags serve is assisting users with gaining more exposure and engagement on their posts (mainly with “likes”). That’s because Instagram users usually use hashtags as keywords for finding new content to follow; thus they are exposed to posts you’ve used specific hashtags with.

Instagram does limit users and will allow only 30 hashtags per post, so choosing the most relevant hashtags to your new post is very important. A study revealed that the “golden number” for hashtags per post is 11.  

Currently, Instagram’s top 10 hashtags for likes are: 

1. #love (1.2 billion posts)
2. #instagood (704 million posts)
3. #photooftheday (478.6 million posts)
4. #fashion (456.5 million posts)
5. #beautiful (445 million posts)
6. #happy (413.8 million posts)
7. #cute (404.3 million posts)
8. #tbt (401.4 million posts)
9. #like4like (393.9 million posts)
10. #followme (374.3 million posts)

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Why buying Instagram likes is crucial for you?

“Likes” are Instagram’s way of knowing what users enjoy looking at when they scroll through their feeds. Every time a user decides to “like” a post, he or she is actually engaging with the content they were presented with, and ultimately they’re telling the algorithm “Hey, guess what? I think this is cool and I’d like to see more content similar to this, please!” 

In a way, likes on Instagram are like giving a thumbs up, clapping and cheering or just showing affection and appreciation in real life. Every day, approximately 4.2 billion likes are given on the platform, which means that 8,500 likes are given every second, and highly engaging posts receive approximately 6,300 likes on average. The most contemporary popular post on Instagram is Kylie Jenner’s announcement of the birth of her child, with 18,036,052 likes so far. 

Can you really buy real Instagram likes? Is it legal?

The short answer to this question would be “Yes”. Buying Instagram likes, real or fake, doesn’t break any criminal law, so in that aspect, it’s entirely legal. However, there is more to it than just the click of a mouse, there’s a lot of other aspects you should look into before making the important decision of choosing a service provider and the number of likes you’re looking for.

What’s the difference between “bots” and organic likes?

Let’s be real: when you think about buying Instagram likes, you immediately imagine a computer sciences graduate sitting in a dark room and coding a program that will endlessly like people’s videos until he gets caught and disappears. That image isn’t so far from reality (although very exaggerated), because a lot of websites offering cheap Instagram likes actually operate in a pretty similar fashion. What we’ve just described is called “bot-likes”, meaning they are generated by computer code and are sort of “robots”. Long story short: those aren’t real people scrolling through Instagram. Bot-likes are provided either by websites or by third-party apps, which are independent apps that are essentially abusing Instagram’s algorithm and servers and are usually very unsafe and recommended to use. Instagram developed (and are still developing) the means to detect these bot-likes and immediately removes and blocks them from the platform permanently. There is a reliable alternative, though: buy real instagram likes, we means organic likes. The sole reason they are called “organic” is that they are generated by real people with natural, genuine, and real Instagram accounts and not artificially (just like organic produce is called “organic” because it is all natural, without artificial additives and pesticides). Which bring us to our next subject…

Compliance with Instagram’s TOS

Instagram’s Terms of Service state that a clear violation of these terms is either participating in likes, comments or follower exchange programs or buying likes from third-party apps or likes that are generated by automated bots. They even go as far as warning users of such apps and websites, alerting users to the fact that these suppliers will usually ask for a user’s username and password, thus compromising their privacy and online safety. 

When buying organic likes, however, you are fully compliant with the platform's terms and policies: you are not using a third party app nor paying a website to generate artificial likes for your account. Buying organic likes means you are paying your service provider to deliver real likes on Instagram, meaning those are real users looking at your content; therefore Instagram can’t remove them. These suppliers will never ask for your login information so you can be confident that your privacy and personal data aren’t being compromised. Because these are real people behind the “likes”, the prices are a little higher for these services (compared to the bots, that is) but if you’re looking for quality over quantity, organic likes are the absolute safest option on the market.   

Debunking common beliefs about buying Instagram likes

A lot of people assume buying likes and other services for social media platforms is illegal, unacceptable and suspicious. These assumptions are wrong and based on rumors and ghost-stories than on actual facts.

While it is true that bot-generated services do get detected by Instagram and get permanently removed and blocked, that is not the case when it comes to actually legitimate means of increasing likes on the platform, such as buying organic likes or even using popular hashtags for even more significant exposure. 

Another common claim is that if you decide to buy Instagram likes, it's essentially cheating or lying to other users on the platform. It’s understandable that people would say that, because nobody likes being disillusioned and finding out that (spoiler alert!) the Wizard of Oz was actually just a regular man; however, most people opting to purchase likes on Instagram are brands and business along with micro-influencers and aspiring influencers giving themselves an initial boost as they work hard towards greatness.

Finally, another common misconception is that buying likes will jeopardize your credibility and authenticity and the world will forever label you as a ‘fake’. Just like with anything in life, moderation is key. If you have 3 followers and 20,000 likes – something will raise a red flag for sure. A good service provider will stop you from making such poor decisions and will explain that the “right” way to go about this is to buy proportionately and create a slow and steady growth scheme to your account.

Why you should buy Instagram likes

Since all social media platforms are focused on popularity in general and “popularity by numbers” specifically, buying Instagram "likes" seems like the fastest way to reach your desired level of exposure (and inevitably, fame). Instagram likes for sale used to be a well-kept secret until huge-scale celebrities of almost every domain possible confessed or were revealed to buying likes for themselves: Lady Gaga, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, the Kardashians and Jenners, Christiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey… and we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg.

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Celebrities and their PR (Public Relations) teams aren’t stupid. They would never do anything to compromise their reputation or present themselves in a bad light. When Instagram likes for sale were first introduced as a promotional service for the social media platform, they were actually the first to recognize the benefits and strength or these services and to utilize them. Since we, as “common people”, look up to these celebrities and follow brands and products they endorse, it was only natural for us to follow in their footsteps and  investigate these promotional tools and services ourselves to answer the biggest question: “Why should I buy Instagram likes?” and consequentially, we have found four major benefits for buying organic Instagram likes -

  1.  It’s affordable. If you ask any business owner out there (or any model, actor, singer or athlete), you need to create a positive image for yourself to market yourself and present yourself as desirable and stand out among the crowd. In most cases, people need to spend huge amounts of money on marketing agencies, agents and advertisers to get their brand out and about. Buying likes is a much more affordable promotional campaign tool that anyone can use, and is especially beneficial for those starting out in the social media career world.
  2. It increases your social proof. Social Proof is based on a psychological theory claiming that people will most likely follow in others’ footsteps because nobody wants to be a “guinea pig”. A good example would be choosing a movie to watch: you’re going to look for reviews, ask other people you know what their opinion of the movie was and look for the buzz around it. The more people recommending it, the higher the chances you’ll choose that certain movie over a movie nobody has seen yet. This means that when people stumble on a post with a lot of like on Instagram, they are more likely to hit that “like” button as well because so many other people like it so much.
  3. It saves time. Climbing the ladder to social media fame and success naturally is a long, tedious process. You need to post constantly, know how to create great content, practically live on the platform 24/7, 365 days. It is a frustratingly slow, fluctuating journey to start from the bottom and reach the top. In today’s instant era, “ain’t nobody got time for that” (as the famous meme once stated). Buying likes will save precious time by speeding up the process of putting yourself in the platform’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), thus increasing your exposure instantly and easily.
  4. It helps you reach more people. That benefit alone combines the rest and creates a “perfect package” – the more engagement you have on your posts, the more Instagram’s algorithm exposes you to newer, bigger crowds. The more people see your posts, the higher the chances are that they’ll find something they enjoyed viewing and will naturally like your posts, thus increasing your social proof even more and turning you into a credible, authoritative source of information and entertainment. It’s the perfect circle: more social proof – more exposure – more engagement – repeat infinitely

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Buying likes alone won't help you become an Instagram influencer, here's what you must do to make your IG account viral -

  1. Post great content.  This is probably the first advice most Influencers and professionals will give to beginners who are looking to get more Instagram followers and likes. Although what each person thinks is “great” is very subjective, there are a few critical components to content that is considered high-quality:
    Good photography skills. Since Instagram is a visual social media platform, it is crucial for anyone looking to become famous to know how to take good pictures. Those who don’t know usually sign up for photography classes and courses or just hire a professional to snap photos for them.
    Editing. Using filters sometimes just isn’t enough - if you feel like your post isn’t perfect, make it so. There are plenty of free editing software and apps for you to choose from.
    Stay in your niche. If your account is fashion-focused, it’s ok to stray from your niche’s limits and post a travel picture or a food picture, but don’t make a habit of it. People like organization and stability, and if they feel like you’re posting too far outside of your niche, they will probably leave or ignore your posts altogether. 
    Have the proper equipment. This doesn’t mean you should run to the nearest store and purchase the most expensive DSLR camera available. If you’re mainly using Instagram on your smartphone, make sure your device has a good enough camera. Blurry and grainy pictures are not what people are looking for. 
  2. Be consistent. If you’ve ever asked yourself how to get more Instagram likes, then being consistent is crucial - Consistency is one of the most important things on any social media platform and not just Instagram. 
    Make a posting schedule. Humans love reliability. They love knowing that whatever it is they are consuming will not fail them (break down, disappear, malfunction - what have you). If you’re aspiring to be an Influencer, you need to have a schedule. People won’t follow you or even look at your content if you disappear for days or weeks at a time or post sporadically.
    - Create a theme. Aesthetics is everything. Most Influencers choose 2-3 filters and use them religiously in order to create a cohesive “look” for their accounts. 
  3. Optimize your hashtags. As we’ve previously mentioned, hashtags carry a lot of weight on Instagram. You want your hashtags to be relevant to your niche and to your post. If your niche is fashion and your post has nothing to do with food, you can’t use “#yummy” or “#instafood”. Also, although Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, you don’t have to use all 30. You want to go for quality rather than quantity.
  4. Engage and interact. Since this is a social media platform, being social and interacting with your audience is a huge part of using it. Here are some tips for increasing engagement on your posts:
    Write good captions. You can be whimsical, critical, thoughtful or sarcastic, but most important is be yourself. Let your voice be heard through the captions, don’t just use it for hashtags. 
    - Share Instagram “Stories”. It’s amazing what a 15 seconds clip can do for you. You can whip out your phone and film it wherever, whenever - so your audience can always “check up” on you and your whereabouts, and if you don’t have the time to create a new post thoughtfully, it’s an excellent alternative for staying active. 
    Cross-post. Everyone has more than one social media platform they use. Instagram allows you to cross-post on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter so you can make sure none of your acquaintances will miss out on your new content. 
    Be friendly. Reply to your followers’ comments, comment on their posts, ask for their opinions and feedback. The more friends you make, the more chances for collaboration you create, and as a result, the more people will know who you are and look for you and your content.  
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