YouTube Video Ideas For Beginners: 2021 Updated List (150+ Ideas!)

Written by: GetFans Team
On Mar 03, 2021 (Last Update: Dec 27, 2020)

YouTube Video Ideas For Beginners: 2021 Updated List (150+ Ideas!)

After Google, YouTube is the second most-visited site globally. That is a lot of traffic, and posting content here is the dream job for many people. Say you want to try your luck at becoming a YouTuber in 2021? Want to be like one of the cool kids that get to do things they enjoy and grow on YouTube?

But before you jump with both feet, you need to consider all the different aspects necessary for becoming a YouTube success. You will need great video ideas for YouTube, but you will also have to work very hard to attract an audience and get more views and subscribers. 

Before you start doing it, you may think you have an unlimited supply of creative YouTube video ideas, but it is surprisingly easy to run out of ideas quite quickly. But no worries, as you've come to the right place for help. Read on as we have prepared an extensive list of video ideas for YouTube beginners.

In our list of video ideas for new YouTubers, you will find all sorts of ideas arranged per the niche topics. After reading our list and finding your niche, all you need to do is have a quick brainstorming session to help you define your next YouTube video that has the potential to go viral. 

Ultimate List Of Creative YouTube Video Ideas

We've divided the 150+ ideas into categories, so you can more easily keep track of each and hone in on one that draws your attention. Let's jump right in.

Introductory Video Ideas

YouTube beginners should use the chance to create one or more introductory videos; here are some ideas:

1. Channel Trailer Video – this is the “welcome mat” for your YouTube channel visitors. The first impression is essential, and you should focus on creating an awesome channel intro video.

2. Introduce Yourself – it is good to introduce yourself in a friendly, creative way. Your viewers will feel more inclined to subscribe to your channel if they know the face behind the curtain. 

3. Introduce The Team – make a video about the people that help you run the show. This will enable your viewers to develop a more personal connection with you and your YouTube channel

4. A Day In The Life Video - if you take the time and create a show from a day of your life, you can include some fun activities with your family or friends that will make for a great video. 

5. Tour of the studio/shop/space – videos showing tours of the space where you work are always engaging for viewers. Viewers will get to know you better and be more inclined to become subscribers to your YouTube channel. 

6. A Chat About Your Work – tell your viewers why you chose that particular job. You can even share some previous job experiences and why you let each one. It can make for a fun video that will bring you closer to your viewers.

7. Give A Tour Of Your Hometown – telling people where you grew up is a fun topic for a beginner YouTuber. You can walk around with a camera, showing people your favorite places around town. Who knows, maybe you'll even spike tourism this way.

8. Draw My Life – creating a cartoon version of your life highlighting the most important moments is an excellent novice YouTuber idea. Draw illustrations on a whiteboard; add fun narration, and you've got a great video.

9. Start A Vlog – vlogging is a popular thing right now, and it is the video equivalent of written blogging. You can talk about anything and everything, engage your audience, and get more subscribers to your YouTube channel. 

10. Tell People What's In Your Phone – everyone has stuff on their phone, but not all are brave to share these with the world. You can share with your viewers the apps you often use and even share a tip or a trick you have.

Educational Video Ideas

YouTube is often the go-to place when we like to learn something. So, it makes complete sense to create educational content. Just stick to what you know best and create videos people would benefit from.

11. How-To Video – this is among the most popular types of video on YouTube. You can create a step-by-step video of creating/drawing/editing something; be sure to include some creative video editing. The how-to videos usually only show the process of making something, not including advice or tricks.

12. Instructional Video – this is a bit different from the How-to video; the instructional video explains to viewers how they can do something, usually involving explanations and useful tips. 

13. Tutorial Video – you can present your own product or create a video on teaching people how to use a product or an app that you often use. Tutorial videos are popular, especially because they involve all the necessary steps to make something. 

14. Infographics Video – infographics are entertaining for viewers, as they show things in a visual way that people more easily understand. Great infographics videos usually rake in a good number of views.

15. Webinar video – if you've held a webinar or attended one, then you can put the recording on YouTube for the people who missed it.

16. Presentation Video – you can make a recording of a presentation and post it on YouTube. Helping others learn from your work is a big part of YouTube.

17. Financial Planning Advice – if financial planning is your strong side, then you should create such videos. You can provide advice on investments, stocks, or savings advice. Also, you can create video series on teaching people how to plan their finances.

18. Advice On Job Interview – create a video telling people how you've rocked an interview and gotten the job. Maybe create a video on the do's and don'ts during a job interview to help your viewers through a stressful experience.

19. Explainer Videos – this can be a great YouTube video idea for people who are experts in a particular field. Explainer videos rake in good views as people like to see how something is done.  The explainer videos usually contain explanations on how something is done, without going into detail how you can make this. Think in terms of explaining a production process or a movie effect.

20. Trivia And Fun Facts Videos – you can easily create a video around one or more fun facts or random trivia. Do in-depth research and provide real educational value to your viewers.

DIY And How-To Video Ideas

DIY is always a hot topic, which is a treasure trove for YouTubers. If you are good at doing stuff with your hands and have a creative streak, DIY videos can be your thing.

21. Essential Life Skills Videos – creating videos on essential skills is a great idea. Sewing a button is such a skill that anyone needs to know. Creating a series showing essential life skills could be a winner for you.

22. Fix Stuff Around The House Videos – when people don't know how to do something around the house, the usual place they search is YouTube. You can bank in on this by doing a series of videos of fixing random stuff at home that doesn't require advanced skills. 

23. How To Fix Small Car Problems Videos – there are people out there who don't know how to refill the car's wiper fluid. You could create a series of videos telling people how they can resolve small car issues by themselves.

24. How To Tend To Potted Plants – YouTube is an excellent source for advice on tending for your indoor plants. If you have a green thumb, then it could be a potential hot topic for you.

25. How To Create A Vegetable Garden – a video or a series on tending a vegetable garden is a perfect video idea. Many people would love to learn more about growing their tomatoes.

26. DIY Herb Garden Video – having fresh herbs in your kitchen makes for a great meal; you can create a video or series telling people how to grow fresh herbs at home with ease.

27. DIY Upcycled Furniture Video – you can create videos on how to reupholster a chair, painting/refinishing a cabinet, making a unique coffee table, and many more ideas like these. 

28. DIY Décor/Gifts – a popular YouTube topic, the DIY décor, and DIY gifts videos are practically inexhaustible, as you can always put a new spin on your video.

29. DIY Ideas For Kids – videos that show creative crafts for kids are popular. There is always something new you can think of and include in your content so viewers can get a good value from it. Make separate video series, one for boys and one for girls, showing various kids' crafts. 

30. DIY Ideas Organizing Your Home – creating one or more videos with advice on organizing your home could be an excellent idea for you. Especially if you like to keep things organized, then sharing your passion could be a double win: you will do what you love and will not run out of ideas.

Tech Video Ideas

Technology is all around us, and if tech is your passion, then making videos on this topic is for you.

31. Show Off Your YouTube Recording Tech – as the most apparent tech-related video, you can begin with showing the audio and video equipment you use to shoot and produce your videos. You know the tech, you know how it works, so you can easily present it to the world.

32. Gadget Video – unboxing and presenting the latest gadgets is a great topic for all gadget fans. It may cost you initially, but companies will ask you to present their latest inventions if you get more subscribers. 

33. Explain Tech Trends – tech trends change frequently; if you are a fan and follow them closely, you'll have an excellent topic for a series of videos explaining the changing trends and new emerging technologies.

34. Beta Test A Software/OS – you can apply for a position as a beta tester for a new OS or new software and then share your experiences in a YouTube video. 

35. Speculate On New Tech Releases – will the new graphic card have better game performances? Will the new iPhone have a better camera? Talk about the new tech releases that people can't wait for.

36. Review Your Devices – make a detailed video reviewing your devices like laptop/desktop. Test your computer and help your viewers test their devices and see how they are affected by particular software.

37. Recap On Tech History – if you like history and technology, you can create a video telling people how technology has changed over the years. It is another content-rich topic that you can use as a video idea for YouTube content. 

38. Tear-Down A Piece Of Tech – as a tech-related topic, you can make a tear-down of a gadget or a piece of technology to show people what's on the inside.

39. Q&A Session On Technology – people always have questions, and you can host a Q&A session where people will ask questions, and you gather the answers. These videos are popular and can draw in quite an audience.

40. Installation/Setup Tutorials/Guides – showing people how to set up a new piece of technology or install new software is always popular. Follow up with some useful tips, and you'll have video ideas for a while.

Gaming Video Ideas

Gaming is popular, online gaming even more so. It makes gaming-related videos the rave these days. Naturally, if you are an avid gamer and have YouTube aspirations, you've found your niche, and here are some creative YouTube video ideas you can use now.

41. In-Game Recording – many people like to watch other people playing a game. Yes, it is true; and you can use this as a base for your videos, combining your love for gaming and creating YouTube videos.

42. Show-off A Game In 5 minutes – you can create a short video covering all the bases of a game, showing people what they can expect to see in a game they've not played before. Always a fun thing to do, as it gives way for you to try new games regularly. 

43. Tour A Game – act as the guide and take your viewers on a guided tour through your favorite game. The walkthrough lets people experience the game and see some challenges.

44. In-Depth Explanation Of A Game – create a video explaining all, and we mean all about a game, from the developers to detailed gameplay and difficult challenges. Cover themes, mods, and everything else you can think of.

45. Create A Gaming Commentary – just like a professional sports game, you can record gameplay and do a voiceover commentary. Believe us when we tell you that there is a vast audience for this type of video.

46. Speedrun Through A Game – create a video where you go through the game as fast as possible. You can skip some things and get to the ending sooner.

47. Video On Gaming History – what was the first game invented? What gaming console took over the world first? How did gaming change over the years? These are all great gaming history video ideas.

48. Game News And Events – talk about when a new game will come out and speculate what it will offer. Gaming conventions and similar events need coverage also, and you can even set up interviews with famous people from the gaming world. 

49. Gaming Gadgets And Accessories Videos – videos on the latest gadgets used in gaming are very popular. You can talk and present new accessories to help gamers, like the new chair or gaming station. 

50. Gaming Trivia Video – from t-shirts and other memorabilia to how most game characters got their names, you have a long list of trivia you can use in your next YouTube video.

Health, Fitness And Wellness Video Ideas

People like to watch things that can help them stay healthy and in shape, now more than ever. This gives you plenty of opportunities to get creative and start a successful YouTube channel in 2021 sharing health-related topics.

51. Weight Loss Tips – if you are all about a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape, you can create a video or a series sharing tips and tricks on losing weight. Create long-term plans that will have people successfully lose weight without it coming back.

52. Yoga Poses Video – yoga is trendy, and people often turn to YouTube for yoga moves and stretches. If doing yoga is your thing, you can create videos on yoga moves to stretch specific muscle groups. 

53. Video On Massages – talk about physio massage and how it can boost the body; getting a massage improves health; maybe talk about popular massage oils.

54. Home Workout Plan – create a home workout plan for every day of the week. You can post a video each day with the daily workout and create a series to help people and boost morale. 

55. How To Prepare To Run A Marathon – if you wish to run a marathon, you can document your preparation and create a YouTube series on this topic. Maybe you'll inspire other people to join you.

56. Healthy Meal Plan - share advice on healthy eating habits. Teach people how to prepare healthy meals at home to help them lose weight and become healthier. 

57. Healthy Energy-Boosting Snacks – talk about what is considered a healthy snack, how trail mix contains healthy fats, how carb-loaded drinks are bad for you, and much more.

58. Q&A Session On Health And Wellness – host a Q&A session where you answer essential questions on health and wellness. Ask your viewers to post questions beforehand, then prepare detailed answers based on in-depth research.

59. A 30-Day Challenge To Get In Shape Video – if you set a goal to get in shape in 30 days, you can document your workout and share your daily progress with your viewers. A great motivation for many. 

60. Review On Workout Clothes/Gear – create videos on popular workout gear and clothes. Test the new non-slip yoga mat. Test the new Under Armour workout gear. Anything that interests you and brings value to your viewers.

Travel And Lifestyle Video Ideas

People love to travel and enjoy life. But the current global events  have changed this recently, and many of us are forced to limit our travels to online research only, plus people often combine travel and lifestyle topics. It allows YouTubers to create videos on this topic, and the opportunities are endless. Here are some creative ideas for you to use.

61. Places To Visit In 2021 – create a list of the best places one can visit in 2021, and add some trivia about each place to keep people engaged and return for more.

62. How To Pack Travel Essentials – if you are an experienced traveler, then you can share your advice on what are the proper travel essentials to bring with you. 

63. A Day In A City – share advice on the most popular things one can experience in a particular city. Like a boat ride on the Seine in Paris, eating a beignet in New Orleans, or watching the sunset over the Pacific in Los Angeles. 

64. How To Travel With A Toddler – you can share advice on traveling with a toddler. Include tips on handling public transport to the essentials you need with you on a plane when with a kid in tow.

65. Why Go On A Cruise – talk about the pros and cons of going on a cruise. Include tips on getting friendly with the crew and other passengers. 

66. Backpack With Boyfriend/Girlfriend – backpacking is a popular way to travel, especially among young people. You can create videos with advice on backpacking with a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend, tips on paying for stay, food, and other things.   

67. Where To Go For A 3-Day Vacation – create videos outlining some exciting places where you can spend a long weekend or a 3-day vacation. Outline some exciting things to do in each place and maybe places to take photos in.

68. How To Pack A Carry-On – people usually pack a lot more than they need and end up paying for extra baggage they don't use. You can use an idea to make a video on how to pack a carry-on bag to fit in the essentials so people don't end up paying extra baggage fees. 

69. Inspirational Quotes And Thoughts – a popular lifestyle topic that attracts views is a video with inspirational quotes and thoughts. 

70. Creative Childhood Memory Stories – a fun lifestyle video idea is to recreate childhood memories into creative stories. Use your creativity, and you can draw a lot of viewers your way.

Beauty, Hairstyle, And Makeup Video Ideas

Always a hot topic, beauty videos attract plenty of viewers and subscribers. If you like to try new beauty styles, experiment with your hair or makeup, then this is a topic you can explore more. Here are some creative YouTube video ideas on beauty, hair, and makeup you can utilize.

71. Skincare Routine Videos – sharing advice on how to take care of the skin properly is a popular niche and one that has a lot of potential. With so many skincare products out there, you can have a video series on this topic.

72. Face Care Advice Video – the face needs special care, and you can talk about the different morning and evening face care routines.

73. Makeup Tutorial – create a tutorial on basic makeup. You can expand on this topic and create future videos using various makeup brands.

74. Quick Morning Makeup Tutorial – short video(s) on applying basic makeup when someone is in a rush. Aim for easy tips that anyone can apply.

75. Hairstyling Tutorials – from simple messy buns to intricate braids, YouTube is the go-to place for hairstyling videos. If you love doing your hair in different ways, why not share these with the world.

76. Favorite Makeup Products – for all the makeup enthusiasts out there, you can create fun videos sharing your favorite products. Also, the channels that have a good following can earn some cash from affiliate marketing.

77. Favorite Hair-Care Products – share your preferred hair care products with the world, and earn extra income by getting paid advertising on your channel.

78. Review a hair-care appliance – show your viewers the appliances you use in your daily hair care routine, like your favorite hair dryer or curling iron.

79. Makeup Accessories Video – not all viewers may know that there are separate brushes for applying different makeup products. You can make an educational video on this topic and discuss the difference between various brushes and applicators.

80. Storing Makeup And Hair Products – talk about adequately storing your makeup, beauty, and hair products; another good idea is to talk about using them before their expiration dates.

Fashion Video Ideas

Clothes make the man and play a crucial role in the impressions we leave in others. Fashion is always a good topic of creating videos on, exploring various aspects, and getting creative. Here are some cool YouTube video ideas on fashion you can use now.

81. Talk About Style – for all you fashion enthusiasts out there, you can create videos to talk about personal style and create a fabulous wardrobe. 

82. Video On Changing Fashion Trends – fashion is dynamic and always changes, so it gives you plenty of opportunities to talk about changes and new fashion trends.

83. Classy Vs. Trendy Clothes – always a hot topic for fashion fans, as trends change, and classy clothes are always in style.

84. Give Styling Advice – with so many options and fashion styles, you will never lack inspiration and create exciting videos your viewers will love.

85. Advice On Repurposing Old Clothes – you can create videos with fashion advice and repurposing older clothes. It is always exciting, and people like to see how they can reuse old favorite pieces.

86. Closet Organizing Tips – videos on tips and tricks to organize your closet are always popular with audiences.

87. What's In My Bag – present the items in your bag after you've been on a shopping spree. This is a cool way to squeeze in some affiliate marketing.  

88. Fashion History Video – How fashion was perceived through the ages? How jeans became the norm? Many more fashion history aspects to cover.


89. How To Accessorize For Every Occasion – show off your favorite fashion accessories and advise how to create fabulous outfits with the right items.

90. Cover Fashion And Runway Shows – covering the latest news in fashion, sharing runway show highlights, and maybe arranging interviews with influential figures is a great way to combine your passions towards fashion and YouTube.

Music-related Video Ideas

Music provides a never-ending well of ideas that can inspire many new YouTubers. Use YouTube as a platform to promote your music, create covers from famous musicians, or share your musical tastes with the world. 

91. Promote Your Music – YouTube is a great platform to promote your music. You can post your music videos or just post videos from you singing in front of the computer. 

92. Share Your Favorite Songs – create a playlist of your favorite songs; just make sure you include the correct copyright disclaimers and turn off the monetization for this video.

93. Talk How Music Helped You – you were going through a tough time, and music has helped you heal and become stronger, so share this experience with the world.

94. Create A Cover From Your Favorite Musician – you can post videos of you doing covers of your favorite songs.

95. Do A Creative Music Video – feeling extra creative today? Then grab your camera and your friends, make a creative music video to your favorite song, and post it on YouTube.

96. Have A Jam Session With Other Musicians – if you love to jam with your friends or other musicians, record your jam sessions and edit them into cool videos for YouTube.

97. Give Music Lessons On YouTube – playing an instrument is cool, but it takes years of practice. You can create and post music lesson videos to explain how to play your preferred instrument to help others.

98. Do A Parody Music Video – okay, Weird Al Yankovic has made this genre famous, but no one is stopping you from creating your parody version of a famous music video. 

99. Tell People About Your Favorite Albums – make a video where you share your favorite albums and talk about how they've influenced your music.

100. Make a List Of Favorite Musicians/Bands/Albums – the list videos are very popular, and you can create such a video where you tell your viewers who are your favorite bands or musicians.

Food Video Ideas

The foodie trend is still going strong, with many people looking to experiment with different foods. Cash in on this, and you've got yourself some good video ideas for a YouTube channel. Here are some beginner-friendly food-related creative ideas you can use.

101. Talk About Your Favorite Food – create a video where you talk about your favorite foods. You can even make videos on “special occasion” foods or comfort foods.

102. Share A Family Recipe – share a family recipe with your viewers and show them how to prepare it. 

103. Create Cooking Advice Video – make a video showing viewers how to get the perfect tacos and what secret ingredients make a meal special.

104. Cooking Tips And Tricks – show viewers some useful tips and tricks around the kitchen, like making the perfect icing for cookies or something else you've found quite useful.

105. Cook With Your Friends – gather your friends, create a recipe and record the cooking process. Then create and post a video about it on YouTube.

106. What's In Your Fridge/Pantry – give a tour of your fridge and pantry, telling people what you never run out of and what you prefer to cook at home.

107. Talk About Favorite Street Food – the street food trend is ever popular, and you can use this chance to create a video touring your city and showing your favorite street food vendors.

108. Make Healthy Family Meal – make a video showing people how to prepare a cooking plan, create a shopping list, and go to the market and shop for healthy ingredients for a family meal.

109. Easy Lunch Recipes – make a video showing people how to make easy lunch recipes for work/school or a picnic.


110. Finger Food Tutorial – use your cooking skills and show your viewers how to prepare favorite finger foods for parties or movie nights.

Kids Video Ideas

YouTube is said to be the best free babysitter in the world. So, liberate your inner child and create fun and engaging video content for children. Here are some ideas you can do to start your new kids YouTube channel:

111. Create A Cartoon For Kids – if your imagination is so powerful, use it to create and draw a cartoon for kids and post it on YouTube. 

112. Review Toys For Boys – make a review of favorite toys for boys, like toy trucks and the like.

113. Review Toys For Girls – review favorite toys for girls, like Barbie dolls and the like.

114. Music For Kids –  create music videos for kids with favorite kids' songs.

115. Music For Teens – create playlist videos with popular music for teens.

116. Crafts For Teens – post a video showing creative crafts for teens.

117. Paper Crafts For Kids – create a video showing how kids can prepare papercraft objects for fun. 

118. Science Experiments With Kids – create engaging videos showing kids how to do simple experiments at home.

119. Drawing Tutorials For Kids – make videos showing elementary drawing skills, maybe a series with separate videos for kids and for teens.

120. Read A Kids Story Video – record a video where you read a favored kids story and make a good-night story video.

Fun Video Ideas

Now we've come to a really good part of our list of creative YouTube ideas for beginners. Here are some ideas for fun videos you can create on YouTube now.

121. Funniest Video Compilations – always fan-favorite videos, as everyone likes to see funny stuff and get a laugh in.

122. Prank Videos – record yourself as you do pranks to your friends or partner and post the videos on YouTube.


123. Tell A Joke – stand-up comedy is the rave these days, and what better open-mic opportunity than your YouTube audience.

124. Show Off A Funny Skill – if you can do something funny and unexpected with your body, then record it and post a video online.

125. Recreate A Famous Comedy Sketch – this is a classic, as there are so many recognizable comedy sketches, and you can put your spin on one of these.

126. Edit Your Outtakes In A Funny Way – every recording session has at least one outtake, so you can take the bloopers and create a funny video for your audience to enjoy and have a laugh at your expense.

127. Magic Tricks Video – OMG, how did he make that thing disappear? Oh, it's magic! 

128. Host A Giveaway Contest – host a giveaway contest on your YouTube channel. You can make an exciting challenge where viewers answer questions in the comments section, and you get to select the winner. 

129. Do A Cover On A Major Event –big music, movie, or political event coming up? You can play the reporter and do a cover on the event with creative commentary.

130. Host A Fun Q&A Session – yes, fun Q&A sessions are enjoyable! Answer questions in a comedic manner, providing partially truthful answers but drawing big smiles along the way.

Top ___ Video Ideas

Making top XX list videos can be tedious to create but are oh so popular. These are among the most-watched videos on YouTube. Please don't copy other people's work, but use your imagination and go for it; here are some beginner-friendly video ideas.

131. Top XX Movies – video on your top favorite movies. 

132. Top XX Music Videos – video on your top favorite music videos or songs.

133. Top XX Favorite Books – video on your top favorite books from various genres.

134. Top XX Things To Do At Home – make a video on your preferred things to do when you have to be at home.

135. Top XX Life Hacks – create a video on your favorite life hack tricks, for example like how to start a fire or waterproof your canvas shoes, and more.

136. Top XX Places To Visit – video on your top favorite places to visit. You can create a bucket list of XX places to visit before you die.

137. Top XX Weird Foods To Try – people will eat anything, like fried tarantulas or live octopus.

138. Top XX Rules To Live By – a list talking about the basic rules of life to live by that your parents taught you.

139. Top XX Workout Songs – create a playlist with your top favorite songs to play during your workout.

140. Top XX Places You Won't Believe Exist – create a list of natural and man-made places that defy logic.

Miscellaneous Video Ideas

The last category of video ideas for new YouTubers that we'll outline here is full of miscellaneous ideas that anyone can make and are fun to watch.

141. Review A Book/Movie Video – do a review on a book you've read or a movie you've seen, with your opinions and thoughts, then ask your viewers to share their opinions and have a discussion on the topic.

142. Oddly Satisfying Videos – create long videos posting oddly satisfying things to watch. 

143. Face Your Fears Videos – share a video where you show people how you face your fears; for example, put your hand in a tarantula cage or look from the edge of a tall building.

144. YouTube Challenges Videos – with so many YouTube challenges circulating, you will always have something fun to do and then post a video about it.

145. Reaction Videos With Funny Tone – reaction videos were once viral, but you can put a new spin on these and do a reaction video with a funny undertone.

146. Fails Videos – you have footage from falling off your bike? Or something equally silly and embarrassing? Then create a fails video, as these always attract an excellent viewer base.

147. Bloopers Videos – everyone loves movie bloopers, where the actors can't keep a straight face and get on the laughing reel, completely destroying a scene.

148. Show Off Your Collections – if you are an avid collector, then showing off your collections can be an excellent idea for your next YouTube video. If you have more than one collection, think about creating a video series

149. Best Friend Videos – shoot a video of you and your best friend and your favorite activity and post it online. 

150. Couple Videos – you can record your partner and yourself doing exciting activities and post them online.

151. Throwback Videos With Funny Commentary – this is for the YouTubers who already have a lot of video posts. Take one of your first videos and do a voiceover commentary in a funny tone.

152. Cute Or Funny Animal Videos – funny kitten or puppy videos never fail to attract viewers.

153. Funny Baby Videos – cute babies doing funny stuff – always a popular topic.

154. Lip-Sync Videos – record yourself as you sing to your favorite song, add some exciting graphics and create a video.  

The Bottom Line

Above, we provided 150+ ideas that you can use to create your new YouTube channel. Please read carefully through the list and our suggestions and see what catches your eye. Use your creativity and imagination, and who knows, maybe one of your videos will go viral, and you'll become the next YouTube sensation.

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