YouTube Money Calculator: How Much Money Can You Earn

Written by: GetFans Team
On Jan 29, 2021 (Last Update: Dec 27, 2020)

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How To Use Our YouTube Money Calculator?

It’s the easiest views to money converter you’ll find on the internet, as all you’ve got to do is adjust those three sliders according to your YouTube videos’ stats. You’ll receive an immediate estimation when it comes to your YouTube earnings (daily, weekly, and monthly!) based on all of the information you’ve given - there’s no need to wonder how much money you’re going to make ever again.

Free YouTube Money Calculator

Using the YouTube Money Calculator will allow you to estimate how much money you’re going to earn from any given video. It’s going to take a total of three statistics from your YouTube videos and use them to figure out just how much money you’re on par to be making! The three main stats our YouTube revenue calculator uses would be:

  1. Daily Views
  2. Average Video Duration
  3. Average View Duration

You can even use this tool to answer questions of your own, so you aren’t left asking how much money YouTubers make! Many services out there will charge you to use their YouTube money calculator, but we don’t see the point in that. Seeing our readers thrive and grow their channels is enough for us! That’s why we’re considered the #1 free YouTube money calculator available online.

How Do You Calculate YouTube earnings? 

In order to create an accurate money per view calculator, YouTube earnings data can be broken down into a few different categories, all of which will determine how much money you’re bringing in with each video. Some people can end up making more money with fewer views, leaving creators to wonder what’s going on! It can seem confusing at first, but don’t worry, you can leave all of the hard work up to our free YouTube money calculator. 


Revenue means how much money your video is going to bring as a whole. When you want to just take a look at the money and nothing else, Revenue will be your “go-to” statistic. With that being said, you can only know the true value of your YouTube revenue by taking a look at the other statistics included within our revenue calculator. 


RPM and CPM are two distinctive stats that can help determine an estimated income you’ll get per video. RPM is the amount of revenue you receive (after YouTube takes their cut!) per 1,000 views, while CPM is the cost per 1,000 impressions (before YouTube’s revenue share). This is the cost that advertisers are paying to serve ads on your videos!


Demographics can determine how much money you’re going to make per view, as some countries have a higher CPC. This stands for “cost-per-click”, and it means that you’re likely going to earn more money from people who are watching your video in the United States when compared to a “non-target” demographic (like India or China). 

Video Length

The longer your videos are, the more chances you’ll have to serve more ads to all of your viewers. It’s the main reason why so many people are focused on creating lengthy videos, as it means they have a better chance at making even more money. If you’re in a niche that offers a high RPM/CPM and manages to keep people watching your video for over 30 minutes, odds are you’ll be generating a hefty income. For that reason alone you should use our YouTube money estimator tool, as it will help you decide how long your videos should be.

How much Can You Make per 1,000 views on YouTube? 

It’s all going to be determined by your CPM, so for this example, we’re going to use a CPM of $4. In that case, it means you’re going to be earning $4 for every 1,000 views you get on a YouTube Video - there are some niches where this can be way higher, and others where it’s significantly lower. 

Here’s a breakdown of how much you would get paid for different amounts of video views - 

  • 1,000 Views - $4 estimated ads earnings
  • 50,000 Views - $200 estimated ads earnings
  • 100,000 Views - $400 estimated ads earnings
  • 500,000 Views - $2,000 estimated ads earnings
  • 1,000,000 Views - $4,000 estimated ads earnings

As you can imagine, finding a niche with a high CPM and constantly uploading videos that gather millions of views is the ultimate dream when you want to make money from YouTube! Knowing your CPM is especially critical when you’re using our free YouTube ads calculator.

How to Join the YouTube Partner Platform? 

Joining the YouTube Partner Platform is a very simple process, but it’s one that is only allowed to channels that have at least 4,000 valid hours of watch time over the last 12-months, as well as 1,000 subscribers minimum. Only after your channel has reached these thresholds, you’ll be able to enable monetization on your videos and even make money with YouTube super chat.

If you live in a country when the YPP is available and your channel meets all of these criteria, you still have to make sure that you follow all of the YouTube monetization policies. When one is wondering “how do you make money on YouTube?”, joining the YouTube Partner Platform is the easiest answer. Meeting all of the criteria and linking your AdSense account is all you need to do before you can start earning money on YouTube!

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