When To Publish On YouTube: What Is The Best Time To Post On YouTube

Written by: GetFans Team
On May 24, 2021

best time to publish videos on youtube

There are many reasons why YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. YouTube has a presence for almost everyone - from hobbyists and video enthusiasts to professionals, small businesses, and mega brands - everyone possesses a YouTube channel. It is, therefore, crucial to know what is the best time to upload on YouTube.

It takes more than just filling up your YouTube channel with engaging content in order to succeed on YouTube. It is imperative to learn YouTube SEO, proper video production, analyze your video analytics, come up with the correct conclusions, and tweak your strategy accordingly. Learning to "read" your audience's habits is a crucial component of that. 

You need to determine precisely when your audience wants to see a new video. When you upload videos to your channel, you should not rely on the hope that someone will watch them. The goal isn't to just throw videos into the online void and hope for the best - you want engagement, you want interaction, you want to be seen. We’ve prepared some YouTube tips that can help you better understand the best time to upload on YouTube

YouTube Video Reach Statistics

To figure out when's the best time to post YouTube videos, you need to understand some basic facts about YouTube and how the audience works on the platform. Here we've prepared some basic YouTube statistics that will help you understand this:

  • 79% of internet users have a YouTube account. There are approximately two billion people worldwide viewing video content on the platform. 
  • Around the globe, 400 hours of video content are being uploaded every minute. 
  • A billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day by users, and billions of video views are generated. 
  • In addition to more than 100 countries, YouTube is available in over 80 languages. 
  • Almost 70% of YouTube watch time occurs on mobile devices - meaning that the most popular way to watch YouTube is on the go.

The Best Time and Day to Publish YouTube Videos

From analyzing the YouTube statistics and channel insights, some important conclusions can help you determine when is the best time to upload on YouTube. Also, note that there is the best day to post YouTube videos as well:

  • The highest levels of YouTube engagement are observed during the weekend as well as on Wednesday
  • Posting at 5 pm is generally the best time to do so, though you can still get quite the success by posting at 9 pm before your results begin to decline significantly. 
  • Sunday mornings or evenings are the best days to upload videos to YouTube, but either earlier in the day or later in the night. 
  • Sometimes your best chance of reaching your target audience is to post in the early hours in the morning on weekdays (around 8 am EST). This way, both east coasters on their way to work and west coasters on their lunch break can see your content.

When Is The Worst Time To Publish YouTube Videos?

If you wonder why it matters what time you post on YouTube, think of the times when most people are free to spend on the platform. Based on research and established practices, there is something called the worst time to publish video on YouTube. Here are some general guidelines on this:

  • Monday is the worst day to post YouTube videos - Tuesday is the second-worst day to post YouTube videos. It is most likely due because, in most of the world, this is the day that people will return to work, so they won't have time to sit around and watch YouTube videos. 
  • As an extension of this idea, uploading your videos in the morning is very inefficient because there are not many people online to watch videos. Therefore, the best time to upload videos is in the afternoon if you do so during the week.

How To Find Out When Your Audience Is On YouTube

Knowing when your specific audience is active on YouTube is a great way to decide when to upload new videos to the platform - regardless of the general statistics. When it comes to knowing when your audience is online, go to your YouTube studio and click the analytics tab. It can help you better hone your YouTube upload schedule and get more YouTube viewers.

studio settings

Next, click on the audience tab on the channel analytics page. This tab shows the demographics of your viewers.

when your viewers on youtube settings

In the "When your viewers are on YouTube" section of the main graph, you will find the number of viewers. Additionally, you will be able to see when your viewers are logged in to the platform and watching videos according to your own time zone.

audience activity

Wrapping Up: Your Publish Time Depends On Your Audience

Knowing when to post your content on YouTube is very closely related to its success on the platform. If you know when to post it, you can match your audience's "online time" and earn more views and more subscribers. However, depending on the traction your video gets during the first 48 hours after release, it could significantly impact its success on the platform and whether or not the algorithms pick it up and are willing to promote it. 

In order to learn more about your audience's behavior, it is crucial to study the Audience tab analytics. Who are they? Where are they from? At what time do the users log on? Do you know who they are? Ideally, answering these questions will help you figure out when to upload new YouTube videos and when it is best for you personally. Unfortunately, it's challenging to offer a "one size fits all" YouTube experience. 

The same way that every YouTube creator is unique, your viewers will be as well - they could be in different time zones and countries, and you might need to make adjustments based on their location (which may also be different from yours).

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