Tubics Review: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (2021 Review)

Written by: GetFans Team
On Feb 09, 2021

Tubics Review: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (2021 Review)

If you’ve read our MorningFame review, you know that we’re no strangers when it comes to reviewing and understanding YouTube SEO tools. We’ve gone through the big ones, the small ones and the rising stars in the field - and this review is no different. 

In this article, we’re going to review a YouTube SEO tool that’s mainly a YouTube keyword tool, that has some added perks (no spoilers, though!). We’re going to review it through and through, so you could make the most informed decision when deciding which YouTube tool to use in order to grow and prosper on the platform. So without further ado, let’s get right into it. 

What Is Tubics?

Tubics is a YouTube keyword and SEO tool based in Austria. Their goal is to save time and make YouTube SEO easier to handle with their suite of tools that anyone can use for free for a 14-days trial period. This is a web based app that you can use to optimize your YouTube videos. They currently do not have a Chrome extension.

Tubics - Full Features Rundown

The Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard tab is your homepage on the Tubics web app. In it you will find basic information about your channel (videos, views and subscribers numbers), what your latest upload was and which videos have the highest SEO potential.

The Videos Tab

This tab presents all the videos you’ve uploaded on your channel.  You can optimize each video directly from this tab or from your Dashboard. Clicking on “Set Search Term” will take you to a new page - the Edit Video page. 

There, you can set a search term for your video (also known as a keyword) and optimize your video around that. 

Once you set a search term, Tubics will give you keyword recommendations for your video based on search volume and relevancy. You will also see some recommendations for optimizing your video’s meta-data, which is very effective.

Finally, Tubics will give you tag suggestions for your video. 

The great thing about this feature is that by clicking on “Update On YouTube”, Tubics automatically updates your video’s meta-data for you and you don’t have to go to YouTube Studio to make the changes! 

The Tags Tab

The Tags tab is a tag generator. Basically, all you have to do is enter your target keyword into the search bar and let Tubics run a full scan on YouTube to find the best video tags for you. 

The Video Ideas Tab

This tab is great for helping you, the creator, come up with video ideas for your YouTube channel. After writing in your target keyword in the search bar and clicking on the magnifying glass, Tubics will give you a list of video ideas based on search volume and relevancy. If you have a general video idea and you want to “narrow it down” to a more substantial idea for a video, this tool is great. 

The Thumbnail A/B Test Tab

With Tubics, you can take the guesswork out of your thumbnail performance. You can run an A/B test and see which thumbnail performs better for your video. To do so, just click on “New A/B Test”, upload your thumbnails and start the test. After two weeks, you’ll get a result on the test.

Plans Comparison

Tubics’ plans are rather pricey. The basic plan includes:

  • YouTube tag generator
  • YouTube SEO tool
  • YouTube keyword tool (30 languages)
  • Weekly YouTube Tips

The Brands Plan is a bit more elaborate and they have several plans for brands, including: 

Is Paying For Tubics Worth It?

Well, no. Let us explain:

Tubics, while very sleek and intuitive, is nothing more than your basic SEO tool. They don’t offer competition scores on keywords, they don’t have a Chrome app, they barely have any features in their program as it is. We’d rather spend our money on something more substantial that gives us way more bang for our buck.

That said, you can get a discount through AppSumo if you do decide to fork out the cash for Tubics.

Tubics Review - Our Bottom Line

While Tubics’ creators had the purest intentions at heart, their performance was definitely lacking. Tubics is very simple and plain. It doesn’t offer too many exciting features (the most exciting feature on Tubics is the A/B testing option) and frankly, we don’t feel like the price is justified. While you do get a free 14-day trial period to test the product out, we have to admit that it’s just not worth signing up for. 

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